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Article: When comfort is everything

When comfort is everything
Australian made

When comfort is everything

We’ve all been there, standing at our underwear drawer contemplating which uncomfortable bra and undie set we have to put on that day. Underwire, or no underwire, G-string or brief. Don’t even get me started on period days…

That’s why we knew, here at Empress, that we HAD to make an every day, comfortable solution to that early morning dilemma.

And so our cheeky style Regal Luxe Underwear was born. And my goodness, she was a popular addition.


Model: b_brittanylewin Size: L

The raw edge, means no uncomfortable digging in, and the seamless design is what we ALL needed without even knowing it. The amazingly soft, breathable and moisture wicking fabric is also SUPER stretchy and adds that low level tummy control that we all love, and is the perfect undergarment for all outfits. Dresses, skirts, activewear….you name it!

Add onto that the cheeky style made our peaches look even more peachy and gave us a gorgeous silhouette to enhance our behinds. Less, as they always say, is indeed more 😜

Now, where does it go from here?

As women, we LOVE variety and we all need and want our undies to do different things. Our underwear is so personal.

We knew that we couldn’t just have one style, so we did the only logical thing…we went straight to our customers. Our friends. Our mothers, aunties, sisters and all the women in our lives and simply asked, what undies do you need?

And OMG, did they tell us.

Next came our High Waisted Underwear, same cheeky style but an extra 5cm height for extra tummy control and support.


Model: b_brittanylewin Size: L

A fan favourite for women with children or those with longer torsos. Different body shapes need different things, and we LOVE to make sure that every single person receives their goodies knowing that thought and love has gone into it’s development and production. We take pride in our inclusive business ethos, and we make our products with all women in mind.

Next came the Briefs. We’ve just added our THIRD brief style to our range. WOW!
Our Brief, Boxer Briefs, and High Rise Brief’s were all born from our Fan Page on Facebook.




Model: b_brittanylewin Size: L

All three styles offer more coverage than the last, while still being super comfortable. These designs are for the Queens who love that full coverage feeling but also want style. The briefs in particular are AMAZING during “that time of the month” as they have that “there but not there” feeling.

The briefs are my personal fav! Especially as a mum of two, just give me everything I need. High waisted (long torso over here) with enough coverage at the back. It’s my ultimate comfy feel! Don’t get me wrong, I have and love all styles, but the briefs are my go-to everyday wear. Period days, lazy days, errand days. They just work for me.

Unseamly lines, GONE. Uncomfortable designs…BANISHED. This is definitely one lifestyle trend we can get behind…but what about our tatas. When do they get their moment of comfort and luxury. Well, we did that too.

A spaghetti strap and a wide elastic free waistband, it’s basically everything we ever wanted. BONUS… you can actually wear it as a top. No joke.

Enter from stage right, our Bed Crop *hold for applause*.
This bad boy is designed to be comfort embodied. The design brief may as well have been “make me something I can wear all day, and then fall asleep in”.

Actually, that’s exactly what we did. Pair it with a cute sweater and a pair of jeans and you’ve got yourself a day look. Chuck on a pair of trackies and an oversized t-shirt and you’re ready for bed. No need for a bra underneath, it’s a one stop shop for comfort 🥰

And for the final piece in our Regal Luxe Collection is our Body Suit.

Which was actually born out of a holiday to gorgeous Tasmania. We live in sunny and (mostly) warm Queensland, so taking a trip to Tassie last year was eye-opening to say the least. LAYERS. WE NEEDED LAYERS 😭 We’ve all been there, long sleeve tucked into jeans with a t-shirt over the top. AHHHHHH, it’s a no from us! The tucking and untucking is so annoying, and by the end of the day nothing was tucked. Solution? A Body Suit. But not just any Body Suit.

A body suit made with our ultra soft, and stretchy Regal Luxe fabric, that didn’t have clips or velcro to hold it in place.  *shudder* those clips are a nightmare! It’s an absolute no from us. We just made sure that there’s plenty of room to pull to the side when you go to the bathroom. The long sleeved pull over design that hugs us in all the right places, gives the girls a lift and our booty’s that peachy silhouette.

So that’s the range…now let’s add some COLOUR 😍
So far we’ve got; Black, White, Blush, Dark Blush, and now KHAKI, with more colours coming soon. 😍😍

The question is what’s next? If comfort is key for you too, join our Fan Page to join the conversation and follow us on socials @empressathleticus for all new products, restocks and launches.

- Madi 😘

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