Empress Athleticus Sizing Chart

Firstly, remember you are a beautiful, incredible woman no matter what size you are on our sizing chart, any other companies or the number on a set of scales. The "perfect fit" starts in your mind, love yourself and you'll love every number you see.


Screenshot the below chart if you would like us to help workout your perfect fit!

How & Where to measure:

Wear a thin, unlined bra. If you can, get someone else to measure you. If you measure yourself, stand in front of a mirror and practice perfect posture to make sure the tape measure is parallel to the floor.

Step 1: measure your bust to determine your crop size, place the tape measure under your arms around the fullest part of your chest.

Step 2: measure just under your ribcage to determine your waist measurement, your waist measurement is the smallest part of your natural waistline.

Step 3: now your hips, this is your booty measurement, measure the widest part of your beautiful booty, this is normally your bikini line to mid booty, remember to keep that tape measure parallel.

Step 4: finally get that thigh measurement, this is the thickest part of your leg, directly underneath your booty and as close to your crotch as possible.

Fit Guidelines:

Our fabric is designed to have a semi matte finish, so if there's an underlying sheen that reflects the light, the fit's too snug. To see what the sheen looks like, stretch the fabric width-wise with your hands. A fit that's too snug may restrict your movement. And, let's be honest, no one needs that.

Decision time:

So you know your measurements? What now? 

Crops + Tops:

We want to make sure our girls have as much coverage and room to breathe as possible so it's best practice to shop up. We recommend using your bust and waist measurement to determine what size is best. 

If your waist is an L and your bust is a M, you have two options: For comfort, shop up to L and for compression, shop down to M. 


For all bottoms we recommend shopping your waist measurement.

If you are in-between two sizes, we recommend shopping the smaller of the two. Don't worry too much about stretch as our leggings have 15cm worth of stretch. 

If your waist is closer the larger measurement, you have two options: For comfort, shop up and for compression, shop down. I would also recommend taking your other measurements into consideration prior to choosing. For example if your waist is closer to large than medium but your thigh and hip are sitting at an XL to XXL, we recommend shopping the L vs shopping down to the M. 

If you need more advice on what size too choose, please send your measurements to hello@empressathleticus.com.au

How to know if you've ordered the right size? 

Final decision making, you've received your order and you have to decide whether you're going to add it to your collection or not.

They should sit nice and low at the front, just on your bikini line, they taper off at the back, with plenty of added room for that booty. The bottom of the band at the back should sit roughly 2 fingers above your booty. Think low at the front, high at the back. 

Once they're sitting correctly, give them a good wriggle, we're talking a good squat, jump around, whatever you need to do, to see if the band moves. The band should remain in place. If not contact our customer service at hello@empressathleticus.com.au

To help us help you, we recommend sending through a quick photo to the team with your measurements if you can. The more information you can provide the more we can do to help.

So you have done the squat test, the band doesn't move but they still feel a little firm in the crotch area? Don't worry you are wearing stretch fabric, the fabric will adjust slightly and mold itself to your fit as you wear them in. This is the same rule for our underwear also.

If they feel nice and firm, simply remove the tags (please recycle) and give them a good wash. If the fit isn't correct, please contact our wonderful customer service team so we can do everything to help.

We hope you love our gear as much as we do!