Is Empress Athleticus Sustainable?

Sustainability is very important to us and we know that it is important to our customers as well.

Sustainability at Empress Athleticus goes so much further than just our compostable mailers and using recycled materials where we are able to.

From the very beginning, Empress Athleticus has been built to be better than carbon neutral. In addition to selecting suppliers who, where possible, offset all freight and energy, we're currently in communication to work together with AgCoTech earning Carbon Credits through Carbon Offset Programs. AgCoTech has a unique medicated block technology to reduce greenhouse gas and poverty in smallholder farms in developing countries and is committed to a supply chain that improves animal health and encourages gender equality in small agricultural hubs.

Through AgCoTech’s Carbon Offset Programs, jobs are provided for women in countries where normally sweatshop labour is the only option and the health of animals, farms and children is improved.

Empress Athleticus is committed to create measurable, visual change in countries around the world and the Carbon Offset Program makes a real social impact. Children are fed better, women get opportunities to work for their communities, farmers have healthier cattle and economies grow.

Our goal is to have every component of our packaging you receive to either go in the composter or recycling bin.

We will never send you a garment in a cheap cellophane bag, as we care about the big things and small things, down to every last piece of paper. For this reason, we use No Issue Eco Packaging where for every order we make, No Issue plant a tree for us in areas of need. We think that’s pretty cool.
No Issue Eco Packaging

We value making a difference to the world, and if we can leave it a little better then found it, we think that's a win! 

Following our launch, we will have our carbon footprint calculated by analysing the relevant information on every part of our company that creates omissions, from the electricity used by our air conditioners and sewing machines to the fuel used by our amazing delivery drivers that deliver your parcels to you. We will calculate our footprint and offset our business activities and then some.

 Cows Eating 1

How The Carbon Offset Program Works:


  • Produce less methane
  • Increased overall animal health
  • Improved nutrition from the available feed
  • Increased milk production for offspring
  • Higher cow fertility
  • Higher cow/calf survival rates


    • Increased milk production
    • Higher cow/calf survival rates
    • More beef, cattle and diary available to sell
    • Easier mustering
    • Improved production for the same amount of work
    • Improved return on investment and overall wealth improvement

      Local and World-Wide Community

      • Significant reduction in methane production
      • Improved smallholder farmer wealth and reduction in rural poverty
      • Improved diets of human infants through improved beef/milk production
      • Increased employment opportunities for both men and women.

        Cows Eating 2

        As everyday consumers of all sorts of products, it's up to all of us to challenge the companies we purchase from to do a little better, be a little nicer to the planet and give back where they can. It’s not all about profits. We all have to live on this planet and protect it. It’s about doing your part and being the change we want to see in the world.

        As a customer of any business, you have the power to instigate change in choosing who you shop with. If you think there is more we can do, please let us know by emailing us at:

        You can see more about the companies listed on this page here:
        AgCoTech Here 
        Carbon Footprint Calculator
        No Issue Eco Packaging