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Article: 5 ways we wear our Empress gear, and you should too!

5 ways we wear our Empress gear, and you should too!

5 ways we wear our Empress gear, and you should too!

It’s the question on everyone's lips the first time they dip their toes into the activewear pool… This is SO comfy, how can I wear this everyday without looking like you’re heading for the gym. 
Here are our tried and true ways to style your activewear so you can live your life in comfort. 

Step 1: Get some activewear…I’ve heard of this really good Aussie made company called Empress Athleticus and they’re size inclusive and body positive… 🤣🤣 kidding….😘

Style 1: Active bottoms and an Oversized t-shirt. 
This is a super simple style that we all LOVE! Over the past few years, the rise of the oversized tee has introduced so many style options to our wardrobes! This style is a super easy outfit that can be worn on errands to the shops, dropping your kids to school, or you could also wear it to the gym! 
There are SO many different options with this one.  if you’re looking for a summery look you can also rock an oversized cropped tee as well. Definitely make sure the length is sitting right on your waist/smallest part to give you that gorgeous hourglass shape! 
If you’re looking for a winter day look, make it a jumper. Cropped and Full Length jumpers also work and give you that cosy, casual look! 

Style 2: Let’s talk about our crops! 
So not only are our crops super comfy, they’re also super cute! When designing them, we knew we needed them to look good enough that we could wear them as a top. Pair your crop with any bottom (we’re talking anything…jeans, skirts, activewear, tracksuit) and a long sleeve button up, jacket or hoodie and you’ve got yourself a casual AND comfortable fit perfect for everyday.

We absolutely LOVE this look for summer days, especially with our Bed Crops as when it gets warmer throughout the day you can just take your jacket off! EASY! 😂
Style 3: Ultimate Comfort look…let’s bring out the trackies 😂
So this is a new trend that we’ve seen hit our feeds (yes, I’m talking about TikTok) the rise of the oversize tracksuit with a cute top. And I don’t know about you, but anytime I can wear tracksuit outside of my house is a good day! 😂

You can pair your tracksuit with a Bodysuit for a sleek, ultra cool look...

Or with a bed crop! B is just rocking hers as is, but if it's cooler do what Jade did and add a cute jacket! 
Oh and PSA don’t sleep on our Regal Luxe undies, they’re ultra comfortable and are designed to feel like you aren’t even wearing undies (click here to read about our full collection

Style 4: Okay, now we’re getting into it. 
Maybe you have to go for a quick meeting at school or out to lunch with the girls and you need to look slightly more put together but you you still want ultimate comfort? This style usually works best with a longer style, so pair Ankle Biters or Capri's with some boots or nice sneakers and a cute jacket and you're good to go! This usually works best with Black or plain coloured bottoms! 
Style 5: Can we talk layers! 
If you’re not living in Queensland, there’s a chance that your winters last longer than 5 days…so let’s talk styling with LAYERS. 
Bodysuits are all the rage at the moment, and we are OBSESSED with layering them under our t-shirts and jumpers! It’s added warmth (BONUS!) and you can wear them without underwear or a bra…talk about timesaving! 
We love them paired with jeans and shorts… 
They also look super cute under dresses and overalls! 
So these are OUR go-to style looks…what is your favourite? Let us know on our Fan Page to join the conversation and follow us on socials @empressathleticus for all new products, restocks and launches. 
Madi x - 😘

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