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Article: Find yourself lost in Nature 🍂

Find yourself lost in Nature 🍂
Australian made

Find yourself lost in Nature 🍂

One of the fundamental ways women express themselves is through clothing. We wear black when we’re sad, yellow when we’re happy, neutrals when we’re neutral, and on Wednesdays we wear pink (couldn’t help myself! 😂)

If we think back to our mums and grandmothers and the generations before us, expressing yourself through your clothing was frowned upon, and those who did wear bright, bold colours, unconventional or revealing clothing were “unattractive”. YUCK! 

Thank goodness that’s all changing! For the last decade, women's clothing in particular has had its renaissance. Dressing for your SHAPE and to express yourself is IN! And we’re absolutely LOVING it! 

Now-a-days, we’re seeing a massive rise in colours and style coming back into our previously bland wardrobes, and through this we're making comfort a massive part of our decision making process when we’re deciding what we want to wear each day.

So as a point we, at Empress, want to make our gear as comfortable as possible, but also including and element of colour and prints to inspire our customers, friends and family to wear what THEY want. 

Hello, Nature…

Nature and Copper are our latest print/colour combo that we’re OBSESSED with! Nature, along with all our prints, was created by our amazingly talented Ella. She works for us as one of our most experienced seamstresses  but is so incredibly talented that B & Kristy KNEW she had to design all our prints as well. 

Ella has hand-drawn all our Empress prints (and even our sister company Zasha Boutique’s 😉). She draws them on her iPad in a program called Procreate and uses her stylus pen to bring her creativity to life! 
As someone who can’t draw a stick figure to save my life, it’s absolutely incredible to see Ella’s drawings come to life and be apart of my wardrobe. 

Copper was the obvious choice for the colour to match this gorgeous colour. It is a rich, bold colour and is versatile in the sense that it is complimentary to so many skin tones. It is also the colour of nature itself, and gives us all the Autumn vibes we need as we transition through these colder months! 

The only question now is….what should I get? 

Let me know what you’re grabbing on our Fan Page and join the conversation and don’t forget to follow us on socials @empressathleticus for all new products, restocks and launches. 

Madi x - 😘

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