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Article: How to find your PERFECT fit - Crop addition!

How to find your PERFECT fit - Crop addition!

How to find your PERFECT fit - Crop addition!

Ahhh, bra’s...where do we even begin. The quest for ultimate comfort for our tata’s has been a long road for women across the globe and there have been many companies who have claimed (rightly or not) that their product’s are the answer to the age old question, can I actually have comfort and support without all the nasty pain and discomfort that comes along with wearing a bra. 
Are we really be surprised that these days, companies are falling over themselves to find comfortable alternatives to a long dreaded staple in all our wardrobes. 

And we’re no different! 

Empress has ALWAYS been focused on our ethos of everyone deserves to feel cute AND comfortable, and our crops are a massive part of that. The fabric, the designs, the construction…it’s all in the name of comfort and support! 

We have 3 designs of active crops and one casual crop, that are all designed with love and care by women, for women! We take our own feedback, and the feedback from women we know, and turn it into well fitting, uber comfortable designs that are flattering, supportive and versatile! Now, how to find your fit. It’s actually easy as! 

Our sizing chart, along with all our gear, is completely unique. B, one of our fearless leaders, created it with actual women's bodies in mind! Ain’t no point in doing anything purely based on how easy it will be for us. She wanted to ensure that anyone could jump on to our website and get the PERFECT fit, the first time! 

We base everything off measurements, as standard sizing is F###ED. There’s absolutely no regulation in Australia (or even the world for that matter) on sizing, which means that you might be a size 10 in one store, and a size 8,14, 16, or 20 at another. It’s absolutely crazy! 

With our crops, we use two measurements; your waist and your bust. The waist measurements is taken at the smallest part of your torso, usually somewhere near your belly button, and your bust is taken at the fullest part of your bust. 

Your waist is to determine your size (we offer a size XS-3XL) and the bust is to figure out which style is best for you. 

Can we talk about the styles for a second… All three crops in our range have the same key elements; wide elastic band and straps, super soft and stretchy fabric. The coverage varies from crop to crop and the different styles have been thoughtfully designed to cater to busts of all sizes. 

Low Cut Crop - Designed for smaller busts (AA-DD).For this particular crop, we’ve reduced the coverage to ensure that your girls can still breathe and look good. I’m a 10B bra size, and this crop….well it’s amazing! I know as soon as I put it on, it won’t move or roll and as a bonus, it actually gives me some shape and doesn’t flatten my girls. WIN!!
Model: b_brittanylewin Size: L 

Model_lifewith.jade Size: M 

Full Coverage Crop - Designed for larger/fuller busts (DD-HH+). Like the Low Cut Crop, it has all the benefits of the wide, soft elastic and fabrics, but this one is ALL about support. The full coverage design is exactly that…full coverage! An added 2cm of coverage on the front means that your girls are held in place and it has increased back coverage too. All of these tiny adjustments means that this is our MOST supportive crop, and is perfect (regardless of your cup size) for all types of working out. 

Model: b_brittanylewin Size:

V Cross Front Crop - This is our ‘everyone can wear me crop”. The coverage sits between the Low Cut and Full Coverage crops, and the biggest plus for this design is the cross front style. It gives an absolutely gorgeous silhouette and it also makes it feeding friendly! WHAT! I know, everyone take a second to breathe 😂. As a mum myself, I’ve done the breast feeding thing, and I seriously wish I had access to a crop like this. I don’t want to remember trying to pop a boob out of a crop top or those uncomfortable “maternity” bra’s. Yuck. Immediately no. Easy access, great shape and wide shoulder straps, it’s every mums dream! Plus you can wear it once you’re done with feeding. AMAZING.

Modelb_brittanylewn Size: L 

Bed Crop - It’s kinda in the name, but this is the crop you wear to bed. And at home. And to work. Actually it’s an every day crop. This one has a slightly different construction to make sure that we’re all comfort, with a side of super cute. 

ART: Model: @b_brittanylewin Size: L 

Model: b_brittanylewn Size: L 

The Bed Crop is also a part of our Regal Luxe collection, meaning it’s made in the same fabric as our underwear. The Regal Luxe fabric is still super stretchy, moisture wicking and has a super soft feel, which can I tell you is one of the most comfortable fabrics that has ever touched my skin.  
It has spaghetti straps and a wide fabric band without elastic. It’s got a decent amount of coverage, so your girls don’t go flying about when you sleep and it’s double lined which means that you don’t have to wear anything underneath it. An absolute winner in my books, and it’s a crop that I wear every other day 😂

Modelb_brittanylewn Size: L  | Model: _lifewith.jade Size: M | Model: @madiking Size: XS

Now, these are just guides. B is generally a 16/18E in bra's but she wears all three designs comfortably, so don't stress if you have a smaller bust and want the Full Coverage or have a larger bust and want to wear the Low Cut. 
How your bra fits is a very personal choice and one we want you to feel confident in making! 

Being size inclusive, and offering products for ALL women (not just some women) is a super important part of what we do here and we are ALWAYS looking for feedback on our designs. The sky is the limit with what we can create, and we love that our customer and friends have such a huge role in creating our garments.

We are also always here to help. If you send your waist and bust measurements plus your usual bra size to me (Hi I'm Madi, nice to meet you 🥰) at I can help you find the best style and size for you! 🥰

Let us know what your favourite style is on our Fan Page and join the conversation. And don’t forget to follow us on socials @empressathleticus for all new products, restocks and launches.
Madi x - 😘

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